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Naruto is a crazy cool japanese anime that i watch.

I watched all of the 220 naruto episodes and all of the 19 naruto shippuden episodes!

click on the upper link to go to where you can watch all of the naruto episodes for free! (naruto is subbed wich means it has english subtitltes)

heres a couple of pictures from naruto, there are many main characters but ill only show you some of my favorite:


a guy that cant use any techniques (like fireballs)
so he is 100% fighting guy and he his very very very strong.


(pronouced sa-su-k)
he is naruto's rival and friend at the same time.
sasuke uses fire techniques plus his sharingan (a special eye) allows him to see things a moment before they appen.
Sasuke ran away from the village to kill his older brother who killed his whole familly. Sasuke didnt kill him yet but itll come...Sasuke did anything for power. He killed , he stole...


He is the main character. His parents were killed when he was a baby by a nine tail demon fox wich was afterwards traped inside him. Naruto lived in loneliness for very very long. Naruto's dream is to become the hokage wich his the strongest person in a big village.
He uses the power of the nine tails inside him to fight sometimes. Naruto is very smart and you never know what hell come up to defeat anybody. Hes always energic.
His special move his the rasengan. Rasengan is a ball made out of his energy and nobody has never survives it.
Naruto as a gift, everybody he meets in his adventures turns from evil to nice.
Some people hate the world but after theyll want to live evryday of their lives. Naruto also never gives up.Never . Either in a battle or just to change somebody.



She is a monstrous strenght in the last episodes and she can also heal. She likes sasuke but naruto likes her...
She can revive dead fish or cure any poison. SHe can even make earthquakes with her pinky...


naruto vs sasuke




 a very smart guy that uses shadows techniques
his iq his over 200 0_o



He has the exact same story of naruto except it was his father that put a monster in him as an experiment.
He killed lots ofpeople for fun until he met naruto. Then he became The hokage of his village while naruto still is a genin...(it goes like this :  academy student, genin,chunnin,jennin,special jounnin,sannin,legendary sannin, hokage.
He uses sand as a weapon and a defence and he never has been beaten (same for naruto) and he kills one shot any opponent.



kiba and akamaru
kiba his a guy that uses his dog for his sens of smell.
His gatsouga attack makes him spin super fast and kills.
Him and akamaru ware the perfect match.


sauke's brother. he killed all his familly and friends so he could gain the mangekyou sharingan ( a special eye that traps a person in a world where he suffers in any way itachi that world a year can be equal to a second in the real world). Only sasuske survived because he arrived home late.

Please give naruto a chance!


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